Sunday, November 21, 2010


Have you been waiting with bated breath, dearest reader, to know what we are doing next year?  Well, wait no more - here's the agenda.  Read and learn.

January                 Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues
February               Spending Fast
March          - 15 self-improvement ideas that will change your life
April                      How many situps can you do it a month?
May                       Veganism
June                       Sink Reflections
July                        Levitical Eating
August                  Getting Things Done with David Allen
September           Go green
October                Write a novel in 30 days
November            7 day mental diet
December             Weekly Fasting

Boy, howdy.  Are you as excited as I am????


  1. the waiting is killin' me! Worse than Christmas!!


  2. In. I know the answer to April (none)

    May seems a bit ominous. Hopefully your just reading them and not implementing...

  3. Kludge - what would be the fun in that????

  4. Wow! Awesome selection of randomness. I'm impressed. Have any ideas for that 30-day novel yet? :)


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