Sunday, May 29, 2011

In An Unrelated Development...

So, dearest reader.  If you aren't in the usual habit of reading the comments that are shown below my posts, I highly recommend that you read the comments for the last post.  Priceless.

For those of you who don't know/don't care about how Blogger works - you have the option of responding to any of my posts by entering a comment at the bottom of said post.  When you do, it doesn't automatically show up; I get an e-mail telling me that I have comments to moderate.  I get to decide whether or not your comment appears in the blog.  I have never disallowed a comment on any of my blogs.  I've only had a few jackwad comments, and I figure that the laceration they usually receive from my readership evens the score.

Until yesterday, anyone who stumbled upon my site could post a comment.  However, after yesterday, I've decided to change that setting so that only registered users can post.  Note that you don't have to be a follower of my blog; but you do have to be a registered user with Google.  I realize that any jackwagon can create a false identity - and yes, I do have at least one of those already amongst my followers - but at least said jackwagon will have to take that extra step before spewing on me.

Unfortunately, this means that awesome people will be unable to do remote postings from their Iphone or whatever, unless they are logged in as users on that device.  Sorry, Kas. 

All that being said, if you do choose to create a false identity and insult me "anonymously" via my blog, prepare yourself to be pissed upon by my cousin Evie and probably a couple of my friends.  Also, if you truly want to remain anonymous, you might choose pop culture references from AFTER 1950 or so, so that people under 60 will understand them.  Idiot.

Side note - I texted LB yesterday about the posting to my blog, because as much as I hate to admit it, it upset me.  His sage advice - "Don't let assholes rent free space in your brain."  So there you have it.  Anonymous, you are hereby evicted.


  1. Reminds me of a Four Seasons song! What's the matter, you afraid your dearest readers can't handle the truth?

  2. Ah...the jackwagon approacheth. He's easy to spot, the wafting of hypocrisy always precedes him.

  3. I love what LB had to say. That man has a good, and remarkably handsome, head on his shoulders. I'm glad you're listening to him.
    As far as the truth goes... I feel safe speaking for the majority of your decent readers when I say, we can certainly handle it, because we love you and accept you for who you are. Whatever decisions you make are yours to make and we will love and support you in them. After all, it's your life and we aren't here to judge you. We're just here for you. And to soak up some of your awesomeness, of course. Love you girl. You rock!

  4. What, that she's learned from her mistakes and moving on with her life? HOW HORRIBLE.

  5. Dearest Teeena, if you are going to be a literary giant you will need to grow a thicker skin. I know you bear absolutely no responsibility for your life choices (that's called sarcasm in case you were wondering). Certainly you are not so naive to think that by "posting" your life over the internet you will be above critique.

  6. Now that I can comment again.... HEY RJ.... I'm gonna resort to old school tactics and just say:

    Yo Momma

  7. The Internet is vast and sharing your opinions does attract people who want a say. I've been quite upset by much less pointed criticism than you received here. I'm sorry it happened/is happening.

    It's part of this type of media, especially since you're sharing your life with us. I think your Bo's advice is good, though it is near impossible to not affect you. Just try not to let it get you down too much. It's just one persons opinion.


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