Saturday, March 5, 2011


So, a reader and friend of mine says to me, not so long ago - "Tina, your blog this year blows.  Go back to reviewing movies.  You are boring me."  She added a few other nice words to soften the edges, but that's the gist of it.  When coming up with this year's topic, I had seriously considered reviewing every Oscar Best Picture winner; and since I'm a movie addict, it's very tempting to pull the rip cord. 

But I do have to deal with the rather pressing issue of MARCH.  March is well underway and I haven't been able to determine which program to do this month.  You may find it hard to believe, given the quality of my writing, but I actually do spend a good number of hours in "prep time" doing research, etc on my topic BEFORE I start the program in question....and, thanks to my lack of internet, my March research is out the window.  Plus - I am behind.  I detest being behind.

So, with your kind permission, I am writing off the month of March.  I highly encourage you to improve yourselves this month, and I will join you soon.

And, for the luvva PETE, who decides that they should do a SELF-IMPROVEMENT blog when they are in the middle of a DIVORCE???!!!!!  What kind of psychotic IDIOT thinks that is a good idea?  While I do not spend my days obsessing over the details of my divorce - what will happen, will happen, and thank God, at least it will be over with eventually - it still creeps into my mind over the course of the day.  A slug crawled onto my hand once when I was picking lettuce.  That's how my divorce feels. 

My internet connection...let's talk about that.  I moved into this house on President's Day weekend, and the soonest I could schedule my internet hookup was the following Friday, the 25th.  Since all my neighbors have secured connections, I couldn't "borrow" any airtime to communicate with you all.  Bummer.  Anyhow, my ISP says that they will be at my house between 10 and 12 on Friday, thank you and have a nice day.  I'm thinking, "wow - a 2-hour window!  Awesome!"  So I showed up at my house at 9:50 and waited.  And waited.

At 12:20, I placed a rather crisp phone call to Mr. ISP.  Hellooo?  Where are you?  The response:

"OOOHHHH, we had some additional work to do in your area, so we've rescheduled you for Monday.  See you then."  (Yes, he actually said "ohhhh" like that.)

Well, no, you will NOT see me then, because I will be in California.  And evidently Mr. ISP doesn't have a phone that dials OUT, because a PHONE CALL to let me know they weren't coming was simply not an option.

Being the benevolent soul I am, I rescheduled my appointment with Mr. India Call Center for Wednesday and hung up on  him.  I was so empowered, I could have single-handedly lifted the corner of my house.

And yes, Mr. Internet did show up on Wednesday.  All is well.  Oh, and I have 20 TV channels.  You probably didn't know that there was such a package, but there's as sad as it sounds.  But at least I can watch the news, and Little House on the Prairie is on when I get home from work.  I can shop from home and watch not one, but two channels in Spanish.


  1. Well. I would now like to kick your reader and "friend" in the face.

  2. I LOVE Little House!!! Up until Mary goes blind anyway== then it gets boring. And Albert?? WTH??

    You blog about whatever YOU want/need. This is YOUR spot and we are here for you!


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