Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is the Microwave Half Full, or Half Empty?

Good news:  I now have a microwave.

Bad news:  My counter space, which was negligible to begin with, has just been reduced by a few more precious square feet.

Good news:  I'm tentatively dipping my toe in the dating pool.

Bad news:  My son does not approve.  He caught me e-mailing someone I met on, and told me, "You know, you don't know anything about that guy."  I told him to go put his shoes on and get ready for school.  It's like living with the Pope.

Good news:  We are settling in nicely at the Sweet Bachelorette Pad.

Bad news:  I live in terror of the "first bill" from the water and power companies, having not paid those kinds of bills in 8 years - I'm having nightmares about how much they might be.  They should be arriving soon.  I'll keep you posted.  Donations gladly accepted.

Good news:  My grocery bill has plummeted, now that I'm cooking for 2.

Bad news:  My gas bill hasn't, as we are back to weekly cello lessons, which is 60 miles a week in additional driving.

Good news:  Life is good.

Bad news:  Nope, no bad news there.

So, how have you been?


  1. YAY! On all Good News!
    BOO! On all Bad news!

    Good to see you back on here!! MISSED YOU!

  2. Microwaves mutate your food and cause cancer. You should return it and save the counter space. Just a suggestion... :)

    As far as goes... Watch out. DH has some loser friends that use that and all they do is lie on their profiles, hoping to score. I'm sure there are nice people out there, too, though. Maybe look for a hot young Italian. I would, if I were you.


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