Sunday, April 10, 2011

2005 - Crash

Well, dearest reader, we are on a roll now.  Here's another review for your reading pleasure:

"Tensions erupt when the tangled lives of a Brentwood housewife, her district attorney husband, a Persian shopkeeper, two cops, a pair of carjackers and a Korean couple converge over a 36-hour period in the diverse metropolis of post-9/11 Los Angeles.  Sandra Bullock, Brendan Fraser, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Thandie Newton and Terrence Howard co-star in this Oscar-winning Best Picture from writer-director Paul Haggis."

Okay, so when was the last time you thought you'd see the words "Matt Dillon" and Oscar winning Best Picture" in the same sentence?'

I loved this film.  I especially loved the first 15 minutes, when 2 black men are walking through a very white part of LA at night.  One of them is lamenting their racially discriminatory treatment at the restaurant they had just left, at the hands of their waitress, who also happened to be black.  As he wraps up his indignant "look at how scared all these white folk look at seeing us here in their neighborhood, they think we are gangbangers" speech - both men pull handguns and carjack Brendan Fraser and Sandra Bullock.  The entire interaction was priceless.

And Matt Dillon - who knew?  Not too much that happens on screen makes me hold my breath anymore, but I sure did in his car accident rescue scene.  Wowza.

This film was what the film "Short Cuts" wanted to be.  If you haven't seen that one, you'll want to look back on last year's blog..

See this one.  See it see it see it.

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  1. Saw it and liked it, but couldn't understand WHY people were so "OMG" about it....

    Oh well- maybe I'm too redneck.... LOL!


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