Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I know what you are thinking....

You are thinking that I suck.  Well, I guess I have to agree with you. 

I started to watch a movie the other night, and about 3 minutes into it, my daughter Brandy walks through the door.  So, no movie.  It is still sitting in the DVD player, in fact.  Anyway, no movie means no review, means no post.

I'm sorry.  Insert sad face here.

My father - an avid blog reader of mine, of course - recently razzed me for my lack of postings.  My response was, basically - "Well, dad, my life doesn't suck as bad as it did last year."  And it doesn't.  I don't need the constant diversion of a blog to  take my mind off the fact that my life had self-destructed, and nobody who claimed to love me seemed to give a right righteous fig. 

This year - well - I'm single, for the most part.  Hopefully in the very near future, if a couple divorce attorneys can get their acts together, that will be just plain "single."  I have a cute little house that's really close to where I work, and not out in the middle of a former landfill.  (yes, really.)  My son can ride his bike around our neighborhood with his friends until dark.  I have my very own weedeater.  I'm really, really poor, but I can pay my rent and nobody will be showing up to repo my car or shut off my electricity any time soon.

Oh, - plus, I'm sorta dating this guy.  And dear Allah, if he reads this, I'll be totally embarrassed.   Anyhow, having not dated much in, oh, THIS CENTURY, I am in a constant state of "what-am-I-supposed-to-do-now".   Don't kid yourself, you can be all Miss Educated-Savvy-Witty from 8 to 5 in front of all your friends, but dating in your 40's plops you right back into the 8th grade again as soon as you leave your desk.

And...I'm having a blast.

So - all that being said - show some mercy on me.  Or live vicariously through me, depending on your situation.  And send a little cash.  That would come in handy. 

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  1. YAY for YOU!!

    Guess what? My Company has seen fit to give us a bonus!!

    Guess what else?? I'm gonna try to talk William in to flying out for a weekend sometime this summer.... Or at least me.... But then we'd not be able to pay ahead on a bill or two... but then I'd could have fun in WA... but... I'll let you know!!


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