Monday, June 20, 2011

Here's my week - how's yours?

What's going on in Tina Land, you ask?  Why, I'll tell you.

-They are here again.  There are 2 additional people in my house, making cupcakes and heating up my kitchen.  I'm in my bedroom.  It's  a little cooler and quieter in here.  I'm turning into Howard Hughes.

-Under the heading "Whoda Thunkit", Wells Fargo has turned me down as a cosigner for my daughter's student loans for the fall.  Seems they have an issue with approving a woman in the middle of a divorce who has a car payment and just moved into a rental a few months ago.  Funny how a credit score which could have gotten me a mortgage a few years ago, today isn't even good enough to be a cosigner.  Her father has been unemployed for a year now - I'm not seeing any potential there.  So, my kid is faced with the distinct possibility that she will have to drop out of school.  Then, of course, there's the Mommy Guilt; the knowledge that if I had stuck it out with the Prophet for a few more years, this wouldn't be an issue (although it's entirely possible that I would have started consuming a substantial amount of prescription drugs and alcohol on a daily basis, and that would be its own issue).  Nice, huh.

-Did I mention that it's hot in here?

-I've re-read "Zen and the Art of Happiness" twice since my BFF bought me a copy of my very own.  Love it love it.  It does get a little "master of your own universe" toward the end, but it still has some great little gems.

-I went to the Green Lantern the other night.  I'm sad to say it has absolutely no Oscar potential, nor does it have Robert Downey; therefore, it will not be reviewed.  I will give you one observation - the head of the Green Lantern Corps looks like a cross between Clark Gable and Mr. Spock.

-My blog buddy Kludge had a giveaway on his site and I didn't win.

-I never win anything.

-Nothing new to report on LB.  I like him, and I'm pretty sure he likes me.

-I smell burnt sugar.  I'm pretty sure my daughter probably just effed something up in the kitchen.

And it's only Monday.


  1. Re: Wells Fargo-- try another bank? There's gotta be something... My slacker stepson (you've read about him on my blog) managed to get his step-son into Coastal Carolina University w/ everything paid except books and about $1500/year. His credit score is seriously in the 450-460 range... his wife's is even lower....

    Has she tried to get loans on her own? You did right by stepping away from the prophet-- insane is no way to live.

  2. "My blog buddy Kludge had a giveaway on his site and I didn't win.

    I never win anything."

    I enjoyed you playing along. And I promise to do another one soon. Probably while you're knee deep in humus and tofu! :)


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