Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is That Your Cricket Chirping, Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

So, you are going to love this.

I was going back over my blog notes and completely FORGOT that I was intending on going vegan for the month of May.

Come on people, cut me some slack.  You KNOW how things have been for me.

So, with my most profound and sincere apologies to the animals that I've consumed since May 1st, we are going Vegan in July.  WHO'S WITH ME!

(insert uncomfortable silence here)

We will be using the resource "Vegan in 30 days" by Sarah Taylor.  You can also find her blog here.

I say again - WHO'S WITH ME!


  1. I am with you, Tina. But I'm not going to read a book about it. My time is valuable. I just got the complete Sookie Stackhouse series. I must start reading that right now.

  2. Ok. Straighten me out-- Vegan is no meat, but chicken and fish are ok~~ or is that Vegatarian? I'll do the one that eats no meat but fish and chicken. Those people that do RAW or just plain gross!!

  3. Vegan is no animal anything. No meat at all, no eggs, no honey, no vitamins that are derived from animals (like vitamin D3). It's sure to be a fun month.

    All I can say is thank God our chocolate almond milk and our vanilla coconut milk are vegan. You'll have to get some of that stuff. It's amazing. It's Silk brand.

  4. Not a chance. Veggies scare me, all that time in the dirt, undercover acting sinister. Seems like the mob to me.

    Good luck. I'll be picking up your carnivore and diary slack for you during July!!


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