Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day Late...Dollar Short.

If a dark shadow passed over your soul yesterday, causing you to shudder for reasons unknown - let me enlighten you.  It's because I didn't do my crunches yesterday.  You see, it got late...I started watching The Biggest Loser and drinking a Coke - I got tired...I went to bed.  I figured, who's gonna notice that I didn't post to this blog on Tuesday.

Well, you noticed.

I attended a funeral today for my aunt's sister.  I got to see cousins that I never see unless I'm getting married, and meet a special cousin that I haven't seen since she was 5 (and she didn't remember first meeting me, can you believe it!).  At this funeral, what do I hear from various family members?  "Tina, wonderful to see you!  I've been reading your blog!  You are getting behind!" Even  my dear, sweet Aunt Gaye, who's never said a critical word to me in 41 years, says "I enjoy your blog.  You haven't posted anything since Saturday."  I've not only let down a nameless, faceless mob of readers; I have even failed Aunt Gaye.  

So I came home tonight, ate a brownie, and did my crunches.  Tonight:  12-15-11-11-14.  I'm fudging on that last "14", because realistically, #14 was more of a chin-bob than a crunch.  But I was supposed to do 15 on that set, so I'm taking it.

we are at:

Daily count:  63
Month to Date:  177

And, yes, I'm rather starting to feel it.  As I was sprawled out on the floor, I was reminded of a Far Side cartoon I saw years ago.  It showed a bunch of dogs standing around in a yard, and they were all saying "Hey!  Hey!  Hey!"   The caption was something like, "the English translation of barking."  When I hit that last set, my abs started saying, "hey!  Hey!  HEY!" just like those dogs.  Since I was a day late, this means I have to do more crunches tomorrow...HEY!!  HEY!!!   In fact, as I sit here now with my laptop, my back is already tightening up. 

Aging sucks.


  1. I have informed William that I WILL be getting a membership to the Y and going to do 'my thing' in the mornings on Tu-TH and every other Monday.

    However, I didn't tell him about my appt with a hypnotherapist to implant in my pea brain the fact (& fear) that I will ABSOLUTELY DIE if I don't go to the Y like I am supposed to.

    They even have Zumba classes. How do you like that??

  2. Kas - that is absolutely the most awesome thing I've ever heard.

  3. Re-meeting you yesterday was such a joy! I am so glad we got a chance to talk, and stab the life out of sandwiches together. We've got to find a way to hang out more. You're awesome! Love you!

    Ps. I'm really glad to see a blog from you again. :)


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