Saturday, February 5, 2011

There are muscles in my back. Who knew?

I'm guessing that you, my clever readership, can recall that I have a 60-second rest between crunch sets - so I won't be inserting that info any more.  Today's sets were as follows:  9-12-9-9-15.

I get down on the floor - which by now you probably have deduced is the most challenging part of this little project - and my spine says to me, "What?  Are we doing this AGAIN?"  It then let out a few expletives over the course of the sets, roundly letting me know that it was indeed displeased with this course of action.  My "abs", in their current state of animation, don't hurt.  They get tired, but no soreness.  Yet.  So far, Mr. Spine is the only body part with any sort of input.'s our tally:

Today:  54
Month to date:  114

Impressed yet?  We are still in week 1!!

Side note:  I watched "Food, Inc." again today, and firmly believe that it should be required viewing for every high school senior, and highly recommended for everyone else.  If you haven't seen it, it deals with the production of food (mostly meat) in our country; how it's processed, who's processing it, the laws that protect those processors (and NOT US) and finishing off with some Monsanto-bashing.  If you are squeamish, it does have a few slaughterhouse scenes, but nothing too intense.   It will definitely influence you to buy locally-raised meat, if nothing else.

Additional side note:  Am very much looking forward to having my own place.  I love the people I live with and it has been a wonderful experience for both me and my son.  But I do miss my stuff, and frankly, I'm starting to look like a vampire.  Pale, pale, pale.  I honestly am thinking of giving up my coffee money for the month and going to the tanning bed just to get some color.  Being pasty may look hot in the Twilight series, but on us mere mortals, it just makes us look sick and old.


  1. Aside from the Albino, I am as pale as they come, and I am totally hot. Don't lay down in one of those tanning beds, Tina. Think of your health. Think of the royal families. Ivory pale skin means you rule. Rock it with pride.

  2. I'm so white-- it ain't even funny!! William is even whiter!! Well, his legs anyway. He's got the farmer's tan thing going on.... His legs have only seen sunlight about 10 times in the past 10 years!! THAT is white!!!


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