Thursday, January 6, 2011

Virtue 2 - Day 2

Ben smiled upon me today.  By 4:30, all my 3x5 cards had disappeared, my outbox was stuffed with files, and my e-mails had all been answered and/or deleted, which of course are the only 2 things you can do with e-mails.

So - Virtue 2 - checked off.  I am now twice as improved as I was just 4 short days ago.  I almost glow in the dark.

I'm back on the topic of e-mail now.  Any e-mail I receive will absolutely, positively, in no way-shape-form spend more than 24 hours in my Outlook inbox.   I either respond immediately; print it out and delete it, to do later; or delete it, period.  I can't stand to have a bunch of read e-mails in my inbox.  After all, I don't take my mail back to the post office after I've read it and stuff it back in the box, now do I?

What say you?  Are you a natural e-mail purger, like me?  Or do you hang on to that stuff for dear life, like Cher clutchin' a bucket of Botox?

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  1. Oh NO! Email MUST be dealt with IMMEDIATELY!!!!

    I can't stand the cluttered email box. I guess, since it's one thing I CAN control, I obsess over it.

    Cher uses Botox?? NO WAY!!


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