Saturday, January 8, 2011

Virtue 3 - Days 1 and 2

I didn't make it around to posting last night - how ever did you sleep, I wonder?  After a full day of work, Synthia and I kicked back with some Hamburger Helper and watched 2 movies.  I don't mind telling you, it was pretty nice.  She has a nice, big TV.  Here in my basement, I either watch what's on my smaller TV, or I watch DVDs on my laptop, because there's no DVD player hooked up to the TV.  It's like Haiti here sometimes.

Anyhow, after spending a year of my life watching movies for last year's blog, I miss it.  I mean, I really, really miss it.  "Heart and Souls" was on TV last week, and I got all nostalgic watching it.  (Insert misty, fog-rolling background piano here) Oh, remember how I was streaming that one through Netflix, and it look like 3 hours to watch?  And remember how sick I was that day?  And remember how much better it was than "Chances Are", which was basically the same movie, made a few years later?  Sigh.

To the business at hand.  We shall not dawdle in the past anymore.  We move on.

Yesterday's - and today's - virtue:

Resolution: Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.

I will lump yesterday and today together, for your reading pleasure:


1.  Call Linda.  (check)
2.  Work.  (check)
3.  Eat lunch and start reading a new book on my lunch hour.  (check)
4.  Check the mail and go to Blockbuster.  (check)
5.  Eat an abnormal amount of Sugar Babies.  (check)
6.  Make a big ol' mess of green beans.  (in progress as we speak)
7.  Clean out the shower. 
8.  Have dinner with Brandy.
9.  Watch another movie with Synthia.

Well, as you can see, I'm making fine progress, because it's only 11:00 a.m. on Saturday and I'm almost done with my list.  I was actually planning on procrastinating the shower thing for at least 3 more days, but I have resolved to do it, and I must perform without fail what I resolve to do.  Great.

Tomorrow is a day off!  How ironic that my virtue-free day falls on a Sunday, but the calendar is what it is.  I will let you you know how the beans turn out.

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  1. Ben's got some great ideas, but man, they're a lot of work. I read these blogs and just thank God I'm not the one working on my character. I still feel guilty about your dullness post. I read that one while recovering from a hangover. These posts just seem all too timely.
    Yesterday DH went grocery shopping for me, since in two weeks I couldn't manage the task myself. Talk about not performing what I ought...


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