Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Virtue 4 - Day 2

I went online last night and found a plethora of coupon websites.  I printed out what can only be described as an obscene amount of coupons and organized them all by type.  My intent was to hit the grocery store after work and see what I could come up with, for as little cash as possible; and in such a way as to create a witty blog post for you to read.

That was the intent.  It didn't quite go down that way.

You see, last week I ordered some prints from Shutterfly - if you haven't discovered Shutterfly yet, you need to get on that - and so I needed to pick up a few little picture frames for my new goodies.  Also I ran out of contact cleaner.  If you life around here, you know what this means...WalMart.   You can't buy that stuff anywhere else.  Bummer.  My problem - I hate to shop at WalMart, especially for groceries.  I bought some bad meat there once, and frankly, once is enough when you are dealing with bad meat, right?

I decided that I would buy my frames, contact cleaner and miscellaneous crapola at Wally World and hit the grocery store tomorrow, when I became truly desperate for food.  And so that's what I did.  My apologies...I know that you were hoping to settle in for the evening, with a cup of International Foods Coffee and your Snuggie, to read my post.  Tomorrow, I promise.

Also, I've been reading my shirt-tail cousin's blog and I'm pretty bummed out right now.  It's difficult to be jovial, witty and generally light-hearted when someone you care about is going through a horrible time.  I love you Evie, and I love your mom, too.

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  1. Shirt-tail cousin? I thought we were shadow, first cousins brought together by familial greatness.
    I was sitting here in my Snuggie with a cup of tea, waiting for you to cheer me up. You hit success with the phrase "miscellaneous crapola at Wally World." I love your writing, and I love you. Thank you for bringing joy into my life.


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