Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Names? Names? Names?

Because it is widely known in Internet Land that my readership is amongst the most brilliant, effervescent, educated, witty and charming in all the universe...

And because I am magnanimous to a fault, and wish to include you in my latest journey, embracing all as a mother hen would under her wings...

I've decided to let you in on the fun of NANOWRIMO!

I'm writing a chick lit novel and I need a name for the MALE ROMANTIC LEAD.  The female's name is Cora...but what should we call her soul mate???  First AND last name is highly encouraged.  Heck, throw in a middle name if you like.

Dig deep - concentrate - then let those juices flow.  Just don't get them on your keyboard, they are a bitch to clean.

Post your responses below.  If you submit the winning name, you will be the recipient of the most amazing prize, such as the universe has never seen!



  1. Dirk Diggler

    Kenneth Ellis

    Kenny Dement

    Drake Hacker

    John Kastigar

    Jack Meoff

    Michael (Mike) Hunt

    Robert Tucker

    Herman Head

    hmmmm-- seems to be a trend of sorts....

  2. I already gave you the best name ever. WTH? ;)

  3. Please tell me you didn't tap somebody with your last name.

  4. Ew. No I did not. Wait.... does Daddy count??


    No, I just wanted to get that infamous last name in there.

  5. OK, best name ever...a guy I had a crush on in college...Bryce Wescott. There you go.


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