Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thing 1 - Start Each Day With a Glass of Water

Todd has informed me that I should start each day with a glass of water.

Well, if you recall, back in August ("I'm the kind of person who..."month), we started drinking 100 oz of water every day.  I also started taking daily supplements.  So, guess what?  I already start my day out with a glass of water. 

Easy squeezy.


(rest assured, dearest reader - my cockiness is about to collapse.  I'm already balking at what I have to do tomorrow.)

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  1. Is it crocheting?? Altho' I don't see how that can make your life better.... Unless you can crochet a really cool looking pot holder so you don't burn your hands or counters. Now THAT'S an Improvement!! (see how I worked your blog back into my comment? no? *sigh*)


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