Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 NANOWRIMO Discussion Buffet

Topics for today:

1.  I haven't heard from HF in 7 days.  I keep trying to remind myself that we are supposed to be all mature about this "not really a relationship until I move closer" crap, but dear gawd, it sure would be nice to be fawned over for a change.   And I hate it when he goes silent on me.  Doesn't he know how SPECTACULAR I am????!!!!!

2.  Remember LB?  Me too.  WE talk every day.  My life is like a frickin' episode of Seinfeld.

3.  I practically pee my pants every time I look at my firefighter blog stuff.  I think I might actually start it on December 1st. 

4.  No, I don't mean that.  Just fantasizing.  But it's going to be flippin' amazing.

5.  Once you tell your boss that you are moving in 8 months, your job becomes a lot less stressful.  Even when it really is stressful.  Like now.  Ohmydog, everyone and their cousin has ordered title work from me this week. 

6.  The novel is coming along GREAT!  I might actually write something down soon.

7.  I am so sick of online dating.  Have I mentioned that lately?  It's like going to a bar every...single...night.  Without the shapewear.  Anyway, my subscription expires in a month, and that sounds good to me. 

That's pretty much my week.  I need to go check and see if I have an e-mail from HF now, which of course, I won't.


  1. Be strong... might be time to move on from HF. Have you searched on match the area you'll be moving to? Has he been back on match?

    I miss you too.

  2. Give up my HF?????!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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