Saturday, November 5, 2011

Freaky Friday

Well, the tens of you around the world that read this little blog daily will be happy to know that I had a very nice conversation with HF on Friday.  All is well, we are officially on the same page and I, the Siren Sex Goddess, am content.

For now.

I may or may not have mentioned this- frankly, going back and checking involves opening too many windows - my oldest is out of the Army now and has moved back home for a bit.  So I now have a 22-year old in addition to a 12-year old in my house.  My baby has come home to me.  Evenings of Rockwell-esque family time abound.


Well, there have been a few CHANGES in my house since my oldest left home 3 1/2 years ago.  Mommy is no longer married; Mommy is now single.  Mommy likes to go out with her friends and have fun.  My oldest hasn't quite adjusted to this little factoid yet.

Case in point - last night:

(Scene - the living room of the Siren Sex Goddess, 5:30 p.m. on a Friday evening on a kid-free weekend)

SSG:  Okay, son, I'm going out.  Don't wait up.

SON:  Okay mom - have a good time!

(Scene - same place, 9:00 Saturday morning.  Bleary-eyed SSG finally decides to get out of bed.)

SSG:  Good morning, my dear son!

SON:  Good morning.  (Raises eyebrow at SSG) What time did you get home?

SSG:  (remembering exactly what time she got home) Oh, I don't really know....

SON:  Well, I went to bed at 11:30, and you weren't home yet.

SSG:  When I got home, you were SNORING.  And I told you not to wait up.

SON:  (crossing arms over chest) So, what were you doing?


SON:  Doing what?

SSG:  (stomps off into kitchen to get a bowl of cereal) GAWD!

Such is my life.  For your information, dearest reader, I was at LB's, watching a rather lousy movie and eating Red Vines.  But I wasn't going to tell HIM that, because he's my kid, and it's none of his business.  Besides, if he really wants to know what I'm doing, he should read my blog.


  1. That is pretty hilarious. But more importantly, where are you with your novel?

  2. Queenie - you would be amazed at my progress. Absolutely astounded. Your jaw would gape open and flies would buzz into your mouth. You wouldn't believe it.

  3. Excellent! I can't wait to read your rough draft. You'll email it to me on Dec 1, won't you?

  4. of course! absolutely!


  5. Mm-hm. Sure.

    Sorry we never got back in touch with eachother... William's Mom's house... OY. She had food in the cabinets that had expiration dates of 2006. And older. She had a bowl of SOMETHING on the counter that had been there (it was hidden under a towel) that cause both Fave and me to start gagging. I think it was collards.

    We really need to have someone in there during the week to help keep up...

  6. Awesome! I'll be waiting on pins and needles. :)


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