Thursday, November 10, 2011


I have decided that there's no flippin' possible way that a person can participate in NANOWRIMO and actually WORK at a full-time job as well.  It's not POSSIBLE.    There are not enough FREAKIN' HOURS IN THE FREAKIN' DAY.  It CANNOT BE DONE.

Who's insipid, moronic, idiotic idea was this to begin with?  A seed was planted. Who did it?  EV?  Did YOU do this to ME, your very favorite almost-but-not-actually-blood-related cousin? 

Are you sensing that I'm a little behind, dearest reader?  Well, Johnny, tell them what they've won.  Teener is behind, BIG TIME.  But making great progress on the blog we are starting December 1st!  All those shiny books - and make sure you jump over there and see the cute pic I took last night for it.

Back to NANOWRIMO - What's my word count, you ask?  None of your business.  What's YOUR word count, jackwagon?

You may recall - I warned you it would be a horrid month.  DON'T YOU JUDGE ME on my lack progress-I'm KILLING myself for you people, for cryz-ache.

Tomorrow's Veteran's Day here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  Since I'm a veteran, I get the day off, with pay.  And everyone else I work with does, too...coincidentally.  So I'm loading up the car and taking the boys off to see Baby Girl at college.  Woot woot.  Since we'll be so close to what will probably become our home base in a few months, we might do a little investigational touring of Spokompton as well.  Depends on the weather, as always. 

And I know what some of you are wondering, and the answer is no, there is no man involved.  As usual.  



  1. Wholly Cryz! Did you just call me a jackwagon!?! For the record, I did not start the NANOWRIMO thing. That was all you, baby. I bailed before I ever got started. I couldn't come up with a catchy premise, and you can't write a good book without a stellar premise. What we need to do is think up awesome premises, then take our time building believable characters, then we need to make an outline, and then take our sweet time crafting masterpiece novels. Churning a book out in 30 days is a retarded idea to begin with. All you'll wind up with is crap. It's just not realistic. Especially for beginners. The two fiction novels I wrote took 3 and 6 months to write. I can't see myself writing a full length novel any faster than that. Of course, I was only willing to commit three hours a day to it. Why not just go at your own pace and forget NANOWRIMO? Why make yourself a slave to the calendar when you are in control of your universe? That doesn't seem like something a Siren Sex Goddess would do...

  2. YOU??? No darling, I'd never call YOU a jackwagon. I meant all those other people.


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