Friday, November 25, 2011

Details, As Promised

So, we all made it down to the Homeland for Thanksgiving, 4 kids of various ages, and TG.  Everyone returned home alive, breathing, safe and sound.  Afterward, TG and I sat on my couch, watched old episodes of The Muppet Show and ate Burger King.  This is why the guys can't stay away from me, because I am truly a party a minute.

I think my older kids liked TG; my youngest, The Boy, might be vacillating.  I'm very protective of my youngest; this is the first person I've dated that he's met.  Before TG, I don't think it had actually occurred to him that "dating" was actually something romantic, as opposed to, oh, like going grocery shopping or something.  At first, The Boy said TG was "cool", but now....

Scene:  The living room of the Siren Sex Goddess, Thanksgiving night

SSG:  So, tell me, Boy, now that we've all spent the day together - what did you think of TG?

THE BOY:  (chin dropped, brow raised) You were touching his leg.

SSG:  Well, yes, TG and I are friends and we like to be with each other.

THE BOY:  Well, I have LOTS of friends and I don't touch THEIR legs.

SSG:  Uhhh...........................

Yes, that's pretty much how it went down.  Epic fail on my part to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why Mommy touched a man's leg.  Your ideas are welcome here.


  1. I've given this a lot of thought, and I can't come up with a reasonable explanation either. I'm just as shocked as the boy was. ;)

  2. Good luck with that one...having children and trying to date....not so fun. Didn't you know we are moms and therefore have no lives outside of parenting our lovely cherubs? lol! At least that's the message I hear from one of my daughers...the other is like, "Whatever makes you, happy mom... Let me know if you come up with an answer...joinging a convent is not an option.


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