Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 10 - Read 'Diet for a New America'


So I have this shoulder/back thing that flares up every so often.  I went to the chiropractor a few years ago, who informed me that I "had a rib out", smacked me in the shoulder blade a few times, and then sent me on my way.  It worked for about, oh, 2 hours or so, and then it pretty much went back to hurting.  After a few days, it quit.  When it happened again, I figured that the co-pay wasn't worth 2 hours of comfort, so I just ignored it and - guess what - after a few days, it went away.  And so goes life.

I tell you all this pretty boring, useless crap because it's baaa---aaack.  And much, much worse.  I actually had to leave work today after a couple hours, because I basically couldn't use my left arm much, and it hurt like a bugger.  And Tina 

In my hours here at home, I've learned that if I lay flat on my back and do not move at all, I have no pain.  Interesting, but not terribly entertaining.  So I'm at home, not eating meat and partially paralyzed.  You wouldn't believe how long it's taking me to actually type this. 

Fortunately, Day 10 doesn't involve any slicing, dicing, moving or shopping.

"Buy a copy of Diet for a New America, and read at least one chapter a day until you finish it. If financially feasible, buy a new or used copy rather than borrowing it from the library-you'll most certainly want to mark your copy up and keep it for further reference."
Sarah Taylor. Vegan in 30 Days: Get Healthy. Save the World. (Kindle Locations 294-296). Kindle Edition.

I ordered this book from the library about a week ago.  I should receive it any time.  I read like a banshee, so I'll make up the lost time, no sweat.

Okay, yes.  I know this is the dullest blog post ever.  But I am in pain, my left arm is pretty much just flopping around on my laptop like an overly ambitious goldfish who made a run for it, and I've taken several ibuprofen.  Cut me some slack. 

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  1. You already know everything that gets to me. So I'll just tell you how much I am loving this diet! I have so much more energy now, I can hardly sit still. I'm currently drinking my green smoothie breakfast and can't wait to get started on my chores. You're an inspiration, girl! Love you!


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