Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 15 - Try a New Recipe

Today, my students, was field trip day.  No permission slips necessary. 

I rounded up my daughter and off we went to Chelan to Bear Foods, the most awesome health food store on the planet.  Here's a photo of me discovering the "free sample" basket, and specifically a "vegan lotion":

I also got a set of 4 drinking glasses, fashioned from recycled wine bottles, that I've been eyeballing for a year or so.  Of course, our assignment was to get a food product that we hadn't tried before - I got a box of "egg replacer."  It's a powder in a box.  It doesn't look like eggs, it looks like powdered sugar.  hmmmm.....

We then shuffled off to the Culinary Apple, which is the best kitchen store on the planet.  There I got some smoothie straws...we are on a roll, kiddos.

Crossing the street to Riverwalk Books, the coolest indie bookstore on the planet, for a vegan cookbook and a magnet that says "Yay! Divorce!"  You may recall seeing a photo of this magnet a few months back, featured right here in this little old blog.

Back across the street to the Black Dog, the most awesome little cool thing store on the planet, where I got a black and white photo of Johnny Cash.  Seriously.

We then stopped at a place whose name I can't recall, for the worst plate of Yakisoba that I believe I've ever had.  I just gagged a little even typing that.

At this point, I basically ran out of money and we had to come home.  A good time was had by all.

As you may recall, going to the health food store was our assignment from a few days ago - let's get to today's assignment:

"Make one new vegan recipe today. Make a commitment to try at least one new recipe a week for the next 52 weeks. "
Sarah Taylor. Vegan in 30 Days: Get Healthy. Save the World. (Kindle Locations 356-357). Kindle Edition.  I'm tired, and I don't feel like going to the store.  So instead, we will substitute:

"Sit on the futon and read your new cookbook.  Use your imagination and mentally prepare the most challenging recipe.  It will, of course, turn out perfectly.  Imagine that you are nibbling your perfectly executed entree' while your swarthy pool boy, Antonio, does the dishes and gazes at you with his large, brown doe eyes."

Works for me.

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