Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 24 - Eliminate Dairy

Dear Dog, get me through this week.

Today was a planned "busy day."  I was ready.  Bring it.  Then - boom.  Someone in my department calls in sick.  Big whoop, you say?   Well, that's 33% of my department.

Then the one thing that all insurance people dread, even though it's completely inevitable, pretty much happened.  I'll give you a hint - it starts with a "c", ends with an "m", and it's not a shellfish.

Shoot me now.

The sucky part is, the sicky will be out again tomorrow, then has a planned vacation for the rest of the Tuesday through Friday will be EXACTLY LIKE TODAY.

Shoot me again, it appears you missed the first time.

The one light beckoning me at the end of this tunnel is, I might actually have PLANS this weekend.  Yes...PLANS, other than the usual "mow-the-lawn-clean-the-bathroom-go-to-Blockbuster-Video" plans. 

Tina smiles here.  Hold your fire.

On that note, we are in the home stretch....

"Eliminate all dairy items from your diet and your kitchen. Go to the store and buy a vegan version of a regular dairy product you might otherwise have bought. Alternately, try making the vegan version of a recipe that would normally have dairy in it."
Sarah Taylor. Vegan in 30 Days: Get Healthy. Save the World. (Kindle Locations 508-510). Kindle Edition.

Do you realize what this means, dearest reader?  It means that, as of today, we are VEGANS.  Go immediately to the bathroom, look in the mirror and say, "I'm a vegan, hear me ROAR!"  Then youtube it so we can call see.

Personally, I don't drink milk - the big challenge here will be butter.  I love me some buttah.  But I do have coconut oil, which if you haven't tried it, also rocks.  We will make this work.  Because we, my friends, are ROCK STARS.

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  1. Since I am not of the 'insurance family'... what happened?

    Yay! Vegan for you!!! I decided I could do vegetarian, but not vegan.... maybe I'll try it after dinner tonite (pork loin cooked all day with beans in chicken broth and then cornbread!).

    See my kitchen???


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