Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 17 - Spend Some Time in the Kitchen

So, my son came home today after a week with his father.  My free-wheeling bachelorette days are officially done.  THANK DOG.  I was going stir crazy, and actually carrying on entire conversations with my iPod.  Seriously.

iPod:  (Playing song)
Tina:  Where did that song come from?
iPod:  (Playing song)
Tina:  Well, it must be one of Tav's.  I don't recall buying that song.
iPod:  (Playing song)
Tina:  I guess I could delete it.
iPod:  (Playing song)
Tina:  But then when I sync again, it will just go right back on.
iPod:  (Playing new song)
Tina:  Where did that song come from?

Pretty much my life. 

I went to the dentist this afternoon and got a teeny filling, so my mouth is numb enough that I have an excuse not to go back to work, but not so numb that I look like a stroke victim.  I was thinking, since my son is back, and since I'm starving, maybe we could go out to dinner and try VEGAN ORDERING.  I thought it was a heck of an idea.

But then I come home - I check Sarah's book - and learn that today is...

"Spend 20 minutes in your kitchen today, cutting fruit and vegetables for convenient snacking, or perhaps making a soup from scratch. Notice how great everything tastes when it's fresh and homemade!"
Sarah Taylor. Vegan in 30 Days: Get Healthy. Save the World. (Kindle Locations 389-390). Kindle Edition.

Please note that it doesn't say "spend 20 minutes in your kitchen making dinner."  YES!  I will let you know how my restaurant experience goes.  Please note that by "restaurant" I mean probably fast food, because it's Monday and no good restaurants are open on Monday.

Back to the project at hand.  Are  you one of those people who always as cut-up fruit and veggies in their fridge?  I try to be, I guess.  Frankly, most of the stuff I buy is already chopped up (lazy girl, remember).  But I do have a couple mangoes and nectarines to dissect tonight.  I'm on it.

And just a moment now to thank those of you who know me personally, and have taken the time to e-mail or text me to ask about my love life.  Your concern brings a tear to my eye.  (Okay, that's a stretch).  I have nothing fascinating to report, and if I did, I'd have to clean it up and change the names anyway, because most of my family reads this.  Unfortunately, at the moment, there's no need.  Sigh.

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