Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 12 - No More Cheese

It's a sad day.  I eat A LOT of cheese ( just so long as it isn't melted, that's just gross and greasy).  I love feta.  I eat it on everything.  EVERYTHING. 

Alas- today - no more feta.  No more cheddar.  No more gouda. 

Help me, Sarah.

"Starting today, you will eliminate all cheese from your diet and your kitchen. Cheese is just one of many dairy products, but it seems to be one of the bigger challenges for people to give up. According to Neal Barnard, MD, in his book, Breaking the Food Seduction, this is because cheese may be addictive. Dairy products contain casein, which break apart in digestion to release naturally occurring opiates called casomorphins. Astonishingly, casomorphins mimic the reaction of morphine on our brain! These opiates in dairy products may be responsible for the calming effect of nursing in infants, and perhaps for the addictive qualities in cheese!"
Sarah Taylor. Vegan in 30 Days: Get Healthy. Save the World. (Kindle Locations 303-307). Kindle Edition.

Dear Dog.  I'm a dope fiend and I never knew it.  My life has been like flippin' Reefer Madness and nobody ever told me.  The junkie is always the last to know.

I had a smoothie for dinner, which totally rocked..and I made a point of eating every last crumb of feta in the house last night, as to not be tempted today.  I should have  no complaints, right?  Well, I do.  You know I do. 

My complaint is poo.  All this fruit/veggie/healthy crap is making me, well, crap.  It's all poo, all day.  I e-mailed Sarah, Queen of the Vegans and asked her if this was normal, or if I need to go to Vegan General Hospital - she assured me that it is quite normal.  So instead being moved by movement, I have decided to focus on the weight loss instead.  In 12 days, I'm down 5 pounds...just in case you are curious. 

I have a feeling I know where it all went.


  1. You are a better woman than me-- NO WAY could I give up cheese.... I probably eat it AT LEAST twice a day. I'd rather cut off my right arm!!

    Good For You though!!

    ps~ I think I know where 'it' went too!

  2. That's strange about the cheese/dairy/opiate thing. I always used to wonder why I'd fall asleep and then wake up a groggy mess after eating anything with milk in it. Good to know.


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