Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Got a Band Aid!

Guess what happened today.

So I've been researching "little towns which are close to big towns" for my impending move.  Reason being, I want to be close enough to a big town to find a job, without actually having to live in said big town...because I'm small town, and I love the fact that my kids are small town. 

Anyhow, one of the front runners in my search is a little town about 20 miles from a big town.  This afternoon I went on the school district's website for said little town and discovered that they not only have a huge band program in both their middle and high schools, but they have STRINGS in said program.  This would mean no more paying for private lessons (which would certainly cost more in a big town than what I pay now), no more shuttling back and forth to said private lessons, no more re-arranging dinner times, no more worrying about how in the heck I'm going to continue to PAY for all of this...because The Boy could play cello as part of his school day.  This is HUGE.

It's like every single piece is falling into place.  I just can't frickin' believe it.  Once you accept the fact that everything that happens is for your maximum benefit, is perfect in both timing and event, and that everything turns out just fine, whether you act joyful or worrisome...guess what, homie.  It does.

I've been drinking water and taking my supplements like a rock star.  I ate a corn dog today and experienced zero guilt.  I got this stuff under control, baby.  So let's mix it up a little, shall we?

For tomorrow - I'm the kind of person who promptly returns phone calls.


It is widely known - kinda like we all know that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 - that I HATE to talk on the phone; and I ESPECIALLY HATE to call people back.  I'm much better at spontaneous conversation, because if I have to sit and think about what we are going to talk about before I talk to you, I freak out a little - ESPECIALLY if I suspect a confrontation.

So, starting tomorrow, I am promptly, decidedly, totally calling everyone back within 4 hours of receiving their message.  Period.   End of sentence, end of story, buh bye.



  1. But you loved talking to me on the phone that one time that I called, right?

  2. Queenie - well, of course not YOU. cough cough

  3. Hey, I taught my husband to ignore his phone, sometimes. Now why the Hell won't he pick up?
    Nice Blog and Good Luck on World Domination! :)


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