Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mama Mia!

It's now around 9 p.m. - teeth flossed - water drank, sort of.  I have to confess that I barely made 50 oz today.  It's so much easier when I'm at work...I have my water bottle, I know I need to fill it once an hour.  On a Saturday, I'm not chained to my desk...rather easy to lose track of time.  Sorry.

I spent the day in Chelan with my two daughters, for no special reason other than we didn't have anything else to do but burn some fossil fuel and emit some greenhouse gases.  While at Riverwalk Books (You know, dearest reader, that I love me some Riverwalk Books) I found a little book that just screamed "SEPTEMBER BLOG PROJECT."  My daughter Ellie even said, "That's for the blog, isn't it."  They know me so well.  It's almost like we share DNA or something.

So back to our project du jour.  We are drinking water...we are flossing twice a day...and now, you should know:

I'm the type of person who dances whenever she feels like it.

I used to dance all the time, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.  Like Ellen, only brunette and not a lesbian.  Then I got married again.  Then I stopped.  You can fill in the blanks on that one.  Now - the joy is back in my life - and it's time to dance. 

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