Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Punch Drunk - Or Not.

So, I don't feel so great today.  I think I did that "gee, I'm not going to eat much today, but now I have a raging headache, so I think I'll eat to raise my blood sugar, but that just takes the edge off and now I feel hung over" thing.  You know what I'm talking about.

I also was seriously bummed that I didn't get to hear from HF.  Pathetic, I know.  I'm a grown woman, for Buddha's sake, and a military veteran...I should be able to do a week of no contact standing on my head.  I now have this vision that he's going to come back next week, call me and say, "Uh, you know, after thinking this thing over for a week, I've decided that you are too much work."  Again, I know - pathetic.  And I'm not even officially a "girlfriend."

I even made a point of wearing my "check out my @ss" jeans to work today in an effort to make myself feel all pretty and appreciated.  It didn't work.  Turns out that mental self-esteem building crap really only works when there's someone around to appreciate you in your "check out my @ss" jeans.  Had you seen me, you would have been impressed - take my word for it.  Teener has dropped like 20 pounds since January, and is lookin' my-tee-fine.

I did get something today that will be used for our November project, so I'm going to try to distract myself with that.  Hard to believe from my writing, for sure, but I do actually have to put effort and research into this whole blog thing.  On occasion.  Ahem.  Anyhow, distraction right now is good.

On a positive note - and yes, dearest reader, every storm cloud is actually filled with glitter - after what seems like an eternity, I'm on the countdown to my divorce trial...FINALLY.  September 22nd is the magic day.  I was discussing it with a friend of mine the other day, who knows the circumstances surrounding the marriage and how it ended; she was concerned that, after all I'd been through over the past several years, insult would be added to injury and that I was basically going to get screwed over in court.  I tell you what I told her - the victory is in GETTING OUT.  The victory is not being controlled by your past, or by the a-holes in it.  Money comes, money goes.  Jerks stick around and suck you dry until you save yourself from them.  So I've already won, babe.  Already won. 

To get back on track - we need something to work on tomorrow, now don't we.  How about this - I'm the kind of person who doesn't drink their calories.  Okay, the obvious exception being smoothies, but that's because those are MEALS.  I'm talking about pop (sad face), sweet tea (gasp!), juices (okay, that ones doesn't break my heart) - that kind of stuff.  You get the idea.  Let's save those calories for something valuable, like a pack of Starburst. 


  1. Someday, I'd like to hear about that. I remember I talked to you about 9 or so years ago and even then, I could tell something wasn't right in "Tina-Land"....


  2. I think you passed your raging headache on to me through the cyber wires. I was blaming the beet juice I had for breakfast, but now I see where the root of the problem lies.


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