Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is the Tank 1/4 Full, or 3/4 Empty?

Today was a busy day at work.  I'm profoundly behind in certain areas of my job, and realistically could work 24 hours a day for quite a while before I'm caught up.  Okay, maybe "realistically" isn't the right word, because even I, siren goddess, can't work 24 hours a day.  But you get the idea.

Oh, big news.  I'm sleeping again.  Can you flippin' believe it?  I've slept at least 8 hours for the past several nights.  I'm not entirely sure I LOOK any better, but baby steps, right?

So, in addition to sleeping (one of my favorite activities), I'm flossing, drinking my water, dancing around the house like an idiot, and thinking seriously about taking my supplements.  What next, you might ask?  Well, I came up with a good one today.

I'm the type of person who never lets her gas tank get below 1/4 full.

That's right, my little chickens.  Go ahead and disconnect that low fuel light, because Tina will not ever be needing it again.  We are one-quarter full or higher, every day for the rest of my natural life.  You may applaud now.

The biggest drama in my life recently is, I took my "Keep My Son Safe" yellow ribbon magnet off my car not too long ago when I washed it, and left the magnet at the car wash.  Since it is physically impossible for me to operate a motor vehicle that does support either a person wearing dog tags, or a person who shows up when you dial 911, I scouted around online to find a replacement.  That's when I stumbled across this sticker:

Which is now proudly displayed on the Sweet Bachelorette SUV.  Awesome, huh. 


  1. That is a lovely magnet. I'm glad to hear you're doing so well on your program!

    I put gas in the car the other day when Ted was so worried in the backseat that he mentioned the fuel level three times before we reached Cle Elum. "Mommy, don't you think we should stop and get some gas? It's really getting close to the E, and I don't want to walk to Grandma Karen's house."

    I finally gave into his whining and stopped. I still think we could've made it, though. I had a little over two gallons left. Surely I could've made it last 74 miles. Right? Kids...

  2. I don't let mine get below 1/4 either. AND, I reset the trip-meter so that JUST IN CASE the gauge isn't working, I know how much further I can go.

    I ran out of gas ONE time (while in the USN!!) and the pain of it was enough to make OCD.

  3. Like the magnet!

    As for the gasoline. I've run out of gas so many times. My old girlfriend (now my wife) used to expect it. We actually have quite of few good memories of strolling down some street with a gas can checking out the scenery and shops.

    That time on the freeway wasn't so fun. Telling your date she needed to jump a chain link fence so we did not walk two miles of freeway was not well received.

    Now of course everyone has a cellular phone. Which just ruins all the fun...


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