Monday, August 15, 2011

Why don't you just go take a pill.

I'm flippin' stuffed.   Since it didn't make it to 90 today, and since I'm running out of money, I decided that it was about time that I actually cooked something for dinner instead of copping out with something out of the microwave or from Subway.  So around the Wood house, it was Taco Night.  Two big tacos later, and I'm more than slightly full.  Ready for a nap.

But I can't take a nap, because 1) it's 6:30, and you can't take a nap at 6:30 at night, because that's actually called "going to bed really early", and 2) I am going to bff's in 30 minutes for some girl talk time.  Ever since she started dating Mr. Wonderful, I never get to see her anymore.  So tonight, he's not in the picture, and I'm leaving The Boy for an hour or so with my unattended computer.  Yes, I'm sure there will be a good deal of discussion about HF.  Bet you wish you could be a fly on the wall....

But I digress.  You and I have some unfinished business.  Time for another change, right?  Right.  So now...

I'm the type of person who takes her supplements every day.

This one is going to be a challenge.  Seriously.  I'm really, really bad at this.  I'm great at RESEARCHING supplements.  I'm a pro at BUYING supplements.  And I totally rock the STOCKING of supplements in the little pill keeper.  But actually INGESTING them?  Uh, not so much.  However, now that I'm that kind of person, this is going to change.


Side note - did you know, dearest reader, that when you start drinking water, if you slack off, then you get REALLY REALLY THIRSTY?  I've never been a water drinker, but today I got behind on my 100 oz, and thought I was gonna flippin' DIE of thirst before I could refill my glass.  Go figure, huh.  The human body likes water.  Who knew.

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