Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who Has My Back???

People, where are you?  Why didn't any of you, who purport to love me so dearly, who would willingly jump off the Oak Street Bridge for me, stop me from this madness?

Why on earth didn't you tell me that Zumba in AUGUST, when you have NO AIR CONDITIONING, is a really STUPID idea???

It's going to be 90 all flippin' week, and let's get real, most of the flippin' month.  I made it, oh, 10 minutes into the first workout and I was sweating like a goat the day before the quinceanera.  Yikes.  Oh yes, it's fun and all, but people...I don't think we can do this until next month.  Seriously, it's just too hot in here.

So your recommendations for non-perspiration inspiring ideas for August are welcome. 


  1. It's not stupid. It's plenty cool enough to exercise anytime before 6 AM. I usually run between five and six on the treadmill and never have a problem getting too warm. Open a window and turn on a fan. It's almost chilly at that time of day. You can do it!

  2. Queenie darling - nothing short of global thermonuclear war will get me out of bed at 5 AM. Even then, I'd probably just figure it's not worth it, roll over, and die of radiation sickness.

  3. OMG, girl, now that's lazy! Thanks for the warning, though. If there's ever a global thermonuclear war I will come and haul your rear out of bed in a wheel barrow, and then roll you down to my bunker. There we can dine on beans and rice until the air clears or we both die of boredom.

  4. If I can paint in this heat, you can Zumba!! Sweating just means IT'S WORKING!! Besides, doesn't the SBP have a shower??

  5. WTH? I said I'd rescue you from the miserable death of radiation sickness and share the last of my food with you. That's love, baby!

    If anyone should be complaining about not feeling the love, it should be us. You haven't blogged in THREE DAYS!!!


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